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OOP Concepts

OOP Concepts

This tutorial contains the details about many OOP Concepts (Object Oriented Programming Concepts) like Abstraction, Inheritance, Encapsulation, IS-A & HAS-A relationships, Composition, Aggregation etc. with examples and pictorial representation.


This page contains the detail about Abstration like What is abtraction?, It various characteristics and pictorial representation of 'abstraction' with different examples. And it also contains the details about its related concept of Information Hiding and Stepwise Refinement. read more >>


This page contains the exhaustive details about Encapsulation and Data Hiding and Inheritance. It also mentions the advantages of proper implemention of Encapsulation & How Inheritance Weakens Encapsulation? and Encapsulation vs. Inheritance. read more >>

Inheritance and Composition

This page contains the details about OOP concepts like IS-A relationships and HAS-A relationships. It contains details about What is Inheritance, What is Aggregation, What is Association and difference and comparison between them. read more >>


This page contains the details about What is modularity, Example of modularity and advantages of modularity with respect to development. read more >>


This page contains the details about What is Polymorphism, Types of Polymorphism, Advantages and disadvantages of them with detailed explanation and examples. read more >>

OOD Principle

This page contains the details about Object Oriented Design (OOD) principles, What are the main principles of OOD, Pros and Cons of OOD, Advantages of OOD with example and diagram. read more >>

OOP Interview Questions and Answers

This page contains the various popular interview questions with their answers for Object Oriented Programming(OOP) Concepts. read more >>